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I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything, and frankly it has been for good reason. Yes, my challenging work schedule, coupled with hours of commuting in the craziest city on the planet hardly affords me the time to unwind (beginning to feel a bit ragged, yikes), let alone write. Anyhoo, I have decided to pen something down today, in a frail attempt to seem half interesting, while drawing attention to why the MAC lipstick is the central part of this story.

Now, my title may seem a bit odd, but once this half interesting story is concluded, I hope you deem it appropriate.

It began on one fine Saturday evening, after I took a cab home, from working a major exhibition for my company. I know many of you might be wondering why I took a cab home even after working a company event, so let me quickly clear things up before I go back to the story. Yes, normally, there is a driver assigned to me, but I had chosen not to use him because: a. He had worked the whole week, and wasn’t paid to work weekends. b. I wasn’t ready to part with any tipping money at the end of the day, and c. I could manage (or so I thought).

Back to the story. After getting into the cab that day, I was pleasantly surprised at how well mannered the driver was (This is a rarity in my city, trust me!!!) He was friendly, courteous and polite, till all of a sudden, he was not. It turned out that I had entered the cab of a man with very bad intentions, who intended to rid me of all my earthly possessions (dear lawd!). At gun point, he asked that I turn over my laptop, tablet, mobile phones and handbag that had my house keys, and most importantly, my favorite MAC Lipstick gifted as a sample from TheBobbyTaylorCompany (I love you guys).

Let me breakdown why I loved the MAC lipstick so much. It had a rich deep burgundy hue and was matte, lasted long and wore evenly, suited my tan complexion, in essence, was absolute perfection. Back story: I had carelessly given it out to my sister within the early days of receiving it. I intended to trade the lipstick up, for something else, a mascara maybe. But after a few months of giving it out, and after I soon realized that i was tricked (Sorry Ama, I love you, lol). I soon came to terms with how beautiful it wore, as I would often borrow it from my sister to wear to events. I soon devised a way to get it back, I stole it back. The journey of the MAC lipstick was indeed poetic. It coild be likened to letting go of the love of your life, but finding them back. In this case, stealing them back (People, I do not recommend this!)

Barefoot and penniless when finally dropped off, I was shocked and disoriented. Good news was that I was soon able to find a registered cab painted in the city’s colors who then took me home. Yes, I borrowed some money to pay him, and I was broke as hell for a day or two. But guess what, after everything that happened on that fateful night, the only thing I could think was “Not the MAC Lipstick, Not My MAC”.

Fast-forward to this present moment, I am over that ordeal, but the saddest thought lingers, I do not remember the name of the shade. It still haunts me.


Vivian Chidueme

Vivian Chidueme is the editor at On the blog, she shares holistic alternatives & unique perspectives to health, beauty & lifestyle. She can be reached at She can’t wait to hear from you.